Getting A New iPad 3? Fix Your iTunes Music Before Syncing To Your New iPad 3

If you’re planning on getting the new iPad 3 which is going to be announced soon then you need to know about a couple of things before making the purchase of the iPad 3. You will be able to sync your awesome music collection to your new iPad 3 and unfortunately if your iTunes Music Library is messy, the messy music will be transferred over to your new iPad 3 and this will make it very difficult to enjoy your music on the go with your iPad 3. So it’s highly recommended to fix your iTunes music library prior to syncing to your new iPad 3 so that you will enjoy your music even more on your iPad 3.

A messy iTunes Library means songs that are duplicates, songs missing album cover artwork, music that doesn’t have important song details like artists names, album names, genres, years and more, or songs that are misspelled. These problems exist in iTunes music libraries because most of the time people just import the music into their libraries without thinking of a master procedure of how to import the music and later things get out of hand in your iTunes music library especially if there are too many songs imported. So when this is the case the messyness gets transferred over to your iPad 3 or other iDevice when you sync.

Duplicate Songs

Duplicate songs are if you have more than one mp3 of the same song in your library. Duplicate songs are caused if you have imported an album more than once usually but most of the time duplicates appear because you have the same song in your library from different albums. Those could be greatest hits albums, compilations, singles and the actual album the song comes from. And sometimes you might have received special compilations made from your friends and relatives and if they were imported into iTunes then you could end up having some songs in iTunes more than 5 times. If that’s the case all those extra mp3s are taking up crucial hard drive space that you can use for other songs. Also if you’re syncing all songs from artists to your new iPad 3 that means all those duplicates will sync along and take up the hard drive space on your new iPad 3. See photos below (click to enlarge).

When my Depeche Mode duplicate songs were removed my iTunes library dropped almost a gigabyte of music. It removed almost 100 duplicates from my entire Depeche Mode music collection. This is nice! If you sync your entire Depeche Mode collection to your new iPad 3 then you also will be syncing all those duplicates that you really do not need to have in your iTunes library. Remove the iTunes duplicates now (click the Rinse logo below) with a powerful software before syncing to the iPad 3!

Album Cover Artwork

If you’ve downloaded music from the iTunes Music Store then most likely you’ll have the album cover artwork attached to your music but if you’ve imported your music from CDs then most likely you do not have album covers to your music. And if you have a ton of awesome music imported into iTunes then you should have the awesome album covers artwork along with your awesome music. Later when you sync this awesome music to your new iPad 3 you’ll sync the music without the awesome album cover artwork. What good is an iPad 3 without beautiful album cover artwork? Not good at all. See photos below.

iPad 3 music without album cover artwork (before iTunes being fixed):

iPad 3 music with album cover artwork (after iTunes being fixed):

To enjoy your iPad even more it’s best to get your iTunes music fixed, download software (click the Rinse logo below) so that you end up having album cover artwork and when you sync to your new iPad 3 you will end up with the album covers in your iPad 3. Fix your iTunes music automatically with this powerful software program.

Missing Song Information

When you started loading up your entire music collection (CDs) into iTunes you didn’t realize that you had to be connected to the internet. Because when you were not connected to internet, iTunes didn’t look up the correct CD information and when you imported the music into iTunes you imported music without correct song information. In fact without any song information. Because of this you have songs in iTunes missing crucial information such as missing artists names, missing album names, missing genres, missing years and so on. If you don’t have this important song metadata information in your iTunes then it makes it very difficult to find them and organize them and later sync them to your new iPad 3. There’s a powerful iTunes fixer and organizer tool that can correct this problem for you automatically. So prior to syncing your music to your new iPad 3 run the most powerful iTunes fixer and organizer program (click the Rinse logo below) so that it finds and loads up the correct music information in your iTunes so that when you sync your new iPad 3 you will be able to find your songs in your iPad 3 easily.


Most iTunes libraries are full of misspelled and wrongly named song information and data. This is not good because it makes things very difficult to organize and later sync to your iDevices such as the new iPad 3. Fixing this misspellings by hand takes too long and is a very tedious task. If the iTunes library is too big with hundreds and thousands of songs it makes it take very very long. Luckily there is tool to fix this misspellings problem in iTunes. Just run the software program finds misspellings and wrongly spelled song name, artist name, album name and genre information and fixes it automatically so that you can organize your music much easier and sync the correct music to your iDevices such as the iPad 3 or iPhone or iPod.

Fix and Organize Your iTunes Music Library Before Syncing To The iPad 3

So that’s it! It’s always a great idea to fix your iTunes and organize it before syncing to a new device. Cleaning and organizing the iTunes library will make it much easier to sync all your favorite songs and later enjoy it on the go with your new iPad 3. Try it now click the Rinse logo below. You’ll at least get to fix some songs for free!

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