iTunes Duplicate Remover – Automatically Free Up Gigabytes Of Hard Drive Space!

If you’ve stumbled and have gotten frustrated while playing songs in your iTunes because you keep running into the same songs over and over again then there’s certainly a very nice solution to take care of that problem instantly and automatically. It’s a certified, industry recognized software program that’s hands down the best iTunes Duplicate Remover around ever!

You may have run into a built in solution in iTunes that finds and recognizes all the duplicate songs in iTunes but to be honest it’s not something I would recommend as it’s not only time consuming to go through the list and because it does not remove the duplicate songs in iTunes automatically. On top of that it’s not so efficient in doing the task of finding the duplicate songs in the iTunes music library.

It’s such a tedious task of going through and manually removing and deleting those unwanted duplicate songs from the music lover’s iTunes song library.  And with our very busy lives these days who’s got the time to sit through and recognize which duplicate song to remove and which duplicate song to keep. If your iTunes library is quite huge then it’s even more of a problem of sitting through and sifting the songs that are duplicates and keeping the good ones and deleting the iTunes duplicates that need to be deleted!

If your computers hard drive is also on the brink of filling up because of duplicate songs then the iTunes Duplicate Remover is the solution.

Duplicate iTunes Songs Problem gets worse w/iDevices like iPhone, iPod and iPad!

Because we are auto adding songs to our iDevices such as our iPhones our iPods and our iPads when duplicate songs are in the iTunes library then they will most certainly end up in our iDevices as well and fill up the iDevices much quicker. When they are out of the main iTunes library on the computer they wont end up on our iPhones, iPods and iPads! And because we can add many more songs and have more music to enjoy on the go.

How Does iTunes Duplicate Remover Work?

iTunes Duplicate Remover scans the entire iTunes music library and marks all the duplicates it finds. Depending on how many actual songs are in iTunes this may take a bit of time. It’s quicker for smaller iTunes libraries and slower for much larger libraries. If you have a really huge iTunes then set up and go do something rather than wait for it to finish. So once it’s ready it will, Compare Songs, by comparing the

-Name, Artist and Album


-Just Name and Artist (Your Choice)

Later … once it’s done that step:

When duplicate songs are found it will either keep the song with:

-The Higher Bitrate


The Longer Length (Your Choice)

Later again …

With each duplicate songs it finds:

-Remove it from iTunes Song Library

-Add “Duplicate” to it’s name so it’s easily found (Your Choice)

It’s as simple as that for the iTunes Duplicate Remover to work. You’ll be quickly on your way to a better iTunes!

Makes It Easier To Organize the iTunes Library With The iTunes Organizer That’s Built Into The iTunes Duplicate Remover.

Once the iTunes duplicates are removed you have more choices of organizing and fixing the library. It’s simple to use the program again and it’s all automated. Best of all the hundreds and hundreds of useless genres that your music is tagged with can be condensed down to only the main genres that are in existence and the ones you really want and make sense to you. For example Beats can become Hip-Hop, Shoegaze can become Alternative or Rock and so on. Once this is done it’s very easy to organize your genres and find the songs because now your albums or songs marked beats which should have all along been tagged Hip-Hop are in Hip-Hop and when you can create smart folders those songs will be in the Hip-Hop smart folder and not be left out. Or when you change Shoegaze to Alternative and you create an Alternative Smart Playlist those songs marked Shoegaze will end up in your Alternative playlist. So just consolidate those unwanted genres and get your iTunes organized to enjoy it even more.

Other Benefits Of iTunes Organizer Are:

Adds Missing Album Artwork

Removes Duplicate Songs

Fixes Incorrect Song Information and Misspellings

Adds Correct Info To Songs Missing Names and Info (album names, artist names, genres and years)

Best Of All It’s Automatic (so you save time and energy)

Take back your iTunes now! Check out: iTunes Duplicate Remover program. Click the link below and you are on your way to a rockin’ iTunes! Click the REMOVE iTUNES DUPLICATES banner below.

So it’s time you removed those pesky duplicate songs in iTunes and organized your iTunes library for good. Fix iTunes and enjoy your music even more. Don’t get stuck with day after day of organizing and fixing your iTunes by hand. It’s not worth your time or the pressure and pain you’ll put your hands through. With a very positive track record, it’s the best iTunes Duplicate Remover out there. Check it out here now!
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